Lisbon Story - A film by Wim Wenders.
1994 - 2015

I love the movie Lisbon Story, with music by Madredeus. Now that I live in Lisbon myself, I tried to find some essential scenes of the movie, and see what they are like today.

What has changed in 21 years? Let's take a look!

The main gate to the premises of the Madredeus house:
The front door of the Madredeus house:
A passage leading down from the court:
The other side of the passage:
Inside the house, lots and lots of decorated tiles (Azulejos):
Some scenes from the main terrace:
A public urinal:
A public washing place:
The knife sharpener, he still uses the same characteristic whistle:

I kindly thank monsieur Frédéric Coustols, for allowing me to take pictures from his terrace.